5 Top Tips For New Dads

The focus is often on mums in the early days of parenting, but dads need support too. Here on Parent Talk Australia we’ve sourced some top tips for new dads from blokes who know first hand – new dads.

We’d love you to share this post with any newbie dads you know who might need a few pointers about the hard slog, and amazing rewards, to come.

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1. Breastfeeding is f#$%ing hard

Top tips for new dads - breastfeeding

What’s the worst thing about becoming a dad? You lose all access to your partner’s amazeballs boobs for months! It’s like you’re being punished for impregnating them and all you can do is sit at a distance and be teased as someone else gets to suck on the boobies that used to be your fun toys.

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2. Forget all the bullshit and just enjoy being a dad

Top tips for new dads - enjoy it

Recently one of my dear friends and his partner broke the news that they are expecting their first baby and I can’t tell you how happy Quigs and I are to hear the news. There’s so much we want to tell them but I don’t want to bore them shitless with war stories about my experiences as a father.

Instead I decided to write my great mate a letter, one that he can refer back to when the time is right, and you never know, perhaps he’ll write me a letter in twenty years time saying ‘you were right’…actually, he’s more likely to write a letter in twenty years time telling me how I could done the job better myself. But that would be OK, that’s how he is and we love him for it.

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3. The fear that something bad might happen to your kids never goes away

top tips for new dads - anxietyA while ago I was talking to my Mum and I asked her, “when does the fear that something bad might happen to your kids go away?” She laughed and said, “never”.

I felt like a bit of an arse because, well, I live 16,000kms away from my Mum. I may be 31 years old but I’m still her little boy (I understand that now) and her anxiety level must be on a different scale now all her kids are grown up and spread out.

I’ve come to the uncomfortable conclusion that from the moment our children are born, we are trapped in a constant, slow process of becoming less neurotic about letting them go (and that’s the best we can hope for).

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4. Dads need their babies as much as their babies need them

top tips for new dads - dads need babiesI read something today.

I didn’t like it one bit. I didn’t like it because it used the phrase “it’s not politically correct to say these things” – a phrase I loathe. I didn’t like it because it reinforced a toxic trope around fatherhood: that dad does not count until the child is older. I didn’t like it because it ran contrary to research which shows, increasingly, that dad’s are important from day one in their child’s life. I didn’t like it because it was belittling of the role of dads, this dad included.

Then I decided to think about something I liked. Something I loved, something I remember with fondness and pride. A time of my life that was a crucible of uncontrollable love, a smattering of panic and a kind of contentment that has echoed through the rest of my days.

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5. Daughters need their dads too

top tips for new dads - daughtersFollowing up from my post, 10 Things Mothers can Teach Their Daughters, I thought it was high time it was Dad’s turn.

Being a father to a daughter is indeed very challenging. There’s the tantrums, the boys, the makeup, the hormones, the nastiness, the fighting and yes….the periods…

So how does a father who lives in a house full of girls deal with all that?

Build a man cave, spend your spare time in the garden, additional hours at work, what is the answer?

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What are YOUR top tips for new dads?

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2 thoughts on “5 Top Tips For New Dads

  1. Great tips – I guess maybe my best tip is to be patient. Everything takes time. Time to heal, time to adjust, time to work it out, time to work it out again because the first time wasn’t the best way….Raising children needs patience and that patience doesn’t foster overnight or through the pages of a parenting book

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