Awesome dads - celebrating father's day

Celebrating awesome dads – 5 posts for Father’s Day

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a celebration happening this weekend, on Sunday 6 September 2015. We’re celebrating awesome dads on Father’s Day all over Australia with heartfelt gratitude and presents of socks and jocks wine and beer.

Here at Parent Talk Australia we’re celebrating our awesome bloggers who are also dads, as well as the shining other halves of our bloggers who are also mums. Here are 5 posts to celebrate dads on Father’s Day.

Enjoy and have a Happy Father’s Day!

1. Are you Dad enough? – A Father’s Day Challenge

Bucky from Tacklenappy is throwing down the gauntlet to all dads this Father’s Day…

What do you want for Father’s Day babe? A vegie garden. I want a vegie garden. I’m sick of the pathetic quality vegies we get from the Supermarket that last two days in the fridge, forcing us to shop for days a week just so we can feed our family ‘fresh’ produce.

It’s supposed to be a happy day and it always is, however it’s never felt quite right for me. I truly love my daughter’s and my wife with everything that I have. I love the traditional gifts I receive on Father’s Day, from the World’s Best Dad mug(s) to the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and I love breakfast in bed…oh, breakfast in bed and a sleep in. Bliss. But it’s never felt quite right. Continue reading on Daddy Bloggers….

Say 'no' to socks and jocks this Father's Day!
Say ‘no’ to socks and jocks this Father’s Day!

2. What about the dads?

Lauren from Canberra Mummy wants to know why we still ask dads if they’re on ‘babysitting duty’?

Hubby and I went out for dinner this week with another couple who are also heavily pregnant with their second child. My hubby asked our friend how tired she was with her second pregnancy compared to her first.

Her husband responded with, “I’m glad you asked… I’ve been soo tired”.

I had to laugh.

My husband than chirps up with, “Lauren’s been sick with the flu for three weeks but no one has asked how I have been coping with it”.

More laughter…

As we come to yet another Father’s Day, the third for our family, this conversation with our friends has had me reflecting on just how much the men our children call ‘daddy’, do to support our families. Continue reading on Canberra Mummy…

3. The Notorious DAD

The Notorious MUM let her husband take over her blog for a day so he could give some advice to his younger brother, who’s expecting his first baby…

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion, for some time now, that my husband and my eldest son are better writers than me. Which is hard to accept, obviously, as I’m supposed to be the writer and they’re supposed to be the printer and the nine year old, respectively. 

Then Paul went and wrote this blog – on his iPhone, when he was supposed to be printing a very important label – and it’s mother-flipping brilliant. It’s all about being a dad, and it’s made me laugh and cry in equal measures. It’s also reminded me that I MUST make that appointment with Dr Snippington, asap.

So here you go: Paul’s advice to his younger brother and expectant father, Daz. You’re welcome. 

After 42 years on earth I can list all the life advice I’ve ever been given (and remembered) in two short paragraphs. That’s harsh, man; life is tricky and we NEED help. My children will be given advice – about everything – and taught real life skills. As I write this I’m teaching Frankie to be a ninja. Continue reading on The Notorious MUM…

dads are awesome - father's day

4. My husband is a better mother than me!

Liv from eenie meenie miney mum tests the theory that good dads are awesome because they think like kids…

Dads are cool.

Dads have an innate ability for idiocy. They can throw further, jump higher and run faster. Caution, caveat ahead; in and of itself, it’s not that hard to throw further, jump higher or run faster than me. Just saying.

Dads have cool ideas for adventures. Adventuring is cool. They can do realistic light saber sound effects, they have bachelor degrees in the art of air guitar. They have endless stamina for silly voices and, indeed, an endless ream of silly voices from which to choose. Continue reading on eenie meenie miney mum…

5. Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tradie Dad

Bec from The Plumbette has a few ideas for gifts that don’t involve footwear or undies… because every dad is a tradie in his own castle, right?

Do you struggle to find gifts for the man in your life? I do. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the times. I’ve noticed we no longer wait until it’s a special occasion to buy something we want which often takes the joy away from the giver and makes it harder for them to come up with a gift.

Dads aren’t complex and shouldn’t be too complicated to buy for. Yet I tend to struggle with my own dad and find I gravitate towards the same gifts. This post is my attempt to come up with some Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tradie Dad – but it can be for any dad really. I’ve come up with some gifts that will suit all budgets and hopefully all types of dad’s tastes. Continue reading on The Plumbette…

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