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Are you a blogger? Parent Talk Australia is a Facebook page dedicated to sharing the best of Australian parenting writers.


We all know how hard it is to get engagement on Facebook these days. Parent Talk Australia aims to get great content out to interested audiences.

Mission statement

Parent Talk Australia is sharing what Aussie parents are talking about. Laughs, chats, recipes, craft, travels, giveaways, reviews and useful information from mums, dads and other carers who spend their days in the trenches of parenting. No judgement. No guilt. Just the best of Aussie blogging and  great shares dug up from all corners of the internet.


Parenting Talk Australia is a page where blog posts are shared and opinions are obviously our bread and butter. We share our experiences, our thoughts, our tips and our strategies and all of that is wonderful and valid. However, Parent Talk Australia is not a vehicle for sharing health advice that goes against Australian health guidelines. Therefore, posts that go against these guidelines will not be shared. This includes (but is not limited to) posts that recommend alternative therapies in place of conventional therapies (as opposed to alongside; in a complementary fashion), posts that advise against general vaccination and posts that in any way promote therapeutic advice that is not evidence-based.

Parent Talk is also not the vehicle for content that endorses particular religious beliefs. General posts regarding teaching acceptance and tolerance are fine.

Commenting policy

Our commenting policy is published in the ‘About’ section of the page. It’s pretty standard, but here it is:

We’d love you to feel free to engage in discussion here. Debate is fine and even welcome- it’s how we can learn from each other. However, trolling, abuse, threats and personal attacks will be met with a zero tolerance policy. We want to create a fun and informative page for everyone.

If you’d like to be featured:

Get in touch via our Facebook page, twitter or email us at!

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