Top 5 Aussie Parenting Blogs of the Week – No. 8

We didn’t need a calendar to tell us that everyone was back at school last week – we can tell from what you loved on the PTA Facebook page! Our most popular posts included hating on homework, trying to get ourselves organised and cracking out the best thermomix recipes for school nights.

We also felt a little like we were failing at parenting – failing at weaning toddlers and failing at getting babies to sleep through the night (but secretly not minding). But don’t worry, you’re doing just fine at this parenting gig x.

Here they are, as the top 5 posts as voted by the lovely clicks of the Parent Talk Australia Facebook community (psst, not a member? Join here).

Tell us your favourite one in the comments and remember to scroll down and pop in your email address to get the Top 5 in your inbox next week!

1. Ultimate list of favourite thermomix recipes – Honey, You Baked

2. Weaning a Toddler – and Failing – Parenting Central Australia

3. When the Worst Thing about Parenting Becomes One of the Best – School of Mum

4. How to Create your Home Command Centre in 3 Easy Steps – Home And Life Organising

5. I hate homework WAY more than my kids do! – Have a Laugh on Me

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Aussie Parenting Blogs of the Week – No. 8

  1. I love how PTA is introducing me to so many blogs I’ve never heard of before. Four out of five are new for me this week. I really need to check them out. #teamIBOT

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