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Women giving birth – 5 mums tell their birth stories

It’s pretty normal to fear childbirth, especially if it’s your first time. One of the best ways to overcome fear is to find out what you’re actually afraid of. There are women giving birth all the time, all over the world so it can’t be that hard, right?

We asked 5 mums from Parent Talk Australia to share their birth stories in time for spring this year. The only similarity in all of them is that they ended up with a baby by the time it was over.

Whether you give birth vaginally or via caesarean; with medical intervention or pain relief or without – here’s a new saying about women giving birth for you:

A ‘good’ birth is one where mum and baby both survived the experience. The End.

We wish you well for your birth and hope that our stories help you feel more prepared. Remember – always your medical professional if you have any medical questions – Dr Google is not a reliable source!

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1. Sometimes nothing goes as planned

finding myself young - childbirthI was lying in bed awake early in the morning on the 25th of July. Pregnancy insomnia had been plaguing me for the past few weeks so being wide awake for no reason didn’t really phase me.

After a while I figured I should get up and go to the toilet, mainly just to pass time not because I really needed to go. While I was on the toilet I heard a pop sound, but nothing happened. I thought it was weird but then also thought I may have been imagining it in my delirious sleep deprived state.

So, I went back to bed to try and sleep. A few minutes later I felt really warm liquid literally coming out of me. At first again I thought maybe I’m just imagining this. But it continued to come out, like I totally thought I had flooded the bed.

I woke T up and thought finally this might actually be happening! Click to continue reading on Finding Myself Young…

2. Always trust your instincts

blue zone only - childbirthMy pregnancy was pretty normal (so I thought) I had the usual scans done, which all appeared normal according to the Sonographer.

For some reason I ALWAYS had that niggling feeling that something wasn’t right. I would lie in bed at night and struggle to picture a baby laying in the cot we had set up in the nursery.

My due date came and went, I had my OB appointment when I was 4 days overdue. She decided that because my BP was high and I hadn’t had a lot of fetal movement to induce me the following day.

YAY our son was going to be born the next day (wed 10/3/2004)

My OB broke my waters around 9am, put on the drip around 11am and labour slowly progressed.

Our son was FINALLY born at 6:09pm that day and we were elated!!

All was going well (or so we thought!!). Click to continue reading on Blue Zone Only…

3. Being induced and having an epidural is definitely not the end of the world!

SANses - childbirth storiesAbout a week prior to 30 April 2013, I had arranged with my gynae to have Zoie induced on 30 April. So we agreed, barring any accident that might happen, that I will admit after midnight on 30 April, hook up to be induced and should expect to see my baby that day itself.

Continue reading on SANses blog…

4. Your second birth may be nothing like your first

simplify create inspire - childbirthOn the day of Violet’s actual birth, I woke up at 4:30am with the start of labour. She arrived at almost 9pm so still not short but a hell of a lot shorter than the 24 hours of the first time around. But so not what we expected.

We headed to hospital at 2pm that day with close and intense contractions.

They strapped me up to the heartbeat and contraction monitor instead for 1.5 hours with some concerns my contractions were being felt by the baby as her heart rate dropped slightly each time. Not concerning enough for us to stay, so they sent us home to get things moving again. Click to continue reading at Simplify, Create, Inspire…

5. A vaginal birth after a caesarean may be possible

parenting central australia - childbirth storiesTuesday 6th of March around 9am I realised I was having tightenings about every half an hour. I spent the day cleaning to pass the time. Tightenings were 10-15 minutes through the night, enough I was dozing between but sleep wasn’t easy until early in the morning contractions all but stopped for a few hours so I had a bit of real sleep, but I was disappointed waking to find I still wasn’t in proper labour.

Wednesday was much the same as Tuesday. Patches of every 10 minutes, but mostly 20odd minutes between and I was just breathing through them. Not too intense. Just as everyone says, like bad period pains. Continue reading on Parenting Central Australia…

What was your birth experience like? Tell us in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Women giving birth – 5 mums tell their birth stories

  1. I was 5 days overdue with my first when my waters broke at a trickling rate with meconium in them, it was straight to hospital to be induced. Once the drip was put in, the OB did an internal and asked for a portable ultrasound machine to confirm that my baby was undiagnosed breech. Straight to surgery for a c section and my son was in my arms about 3 hours after the first trickle of my waters.
    Number 2 was a VBAC (you may not want to read this if you’re planning one). Waters began trickling at 5pm 3 days before the due date. I waited until morning, when I had a wee and my waters popped and gushed, resulting in sudden, intense contactions 5 minutes apart. We went to hospital and I was examined and found to be only 3cm dilated. I laboured with just gas until 6pm when I was fully dilated. I then spent 3 hours in the pushing stage without an urge to push, and a bad cough stopping me from bearing down. The short version of what happened next is that the OB came in and said he was intervening. He gave me an episiotomy and tried and failed with the ventouse, then forceps. My babies head came out and then her shoulder got stuck behind my pubic bone (it’s called shoulder dystocia). Nobody actually told me this, as the room filled with people. The had to perform all of these manoeuvres to extract her, which were so incredibly excruciating that I screamed continually at the top of my lungs. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t tell when I was having contractions anymore. The OB took away my gas to make me push harder. Eventually my baby was born with a broken collarbone on one side and broken arm on the other, and I lost over 2 litres of blood to top it off.
    The moral of the story, according to the head of obstetrics was that my body was not made for childbirth.

  2. I think birth stories are some of the most beautiful experiences we can share, so unique and special to that one person, one child and in many cases one moment when it all happens. My two birth stories are so vastly different that I look at my boys now and can’t imagine how they could have ever been the same. Tow unique amazing boys who came into this world in their own unique amazing way xx

  3. I had two c-sections and after being an avid reader of birth stories I must admit I was almost relieved to be told he was breech (my first( and I kind of felt like I had the easy way out and I kinda think I did! Two kids and no idea what a contraction feels like! Great stories 🙂 #TeamIBOT

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