What Works on Parent Talk Australia & What Doesn’t


The types of articles we want to share:

Parent Talk Australia is only looking for great content that will be well recieved by our audience:

  • Informative: instructional how-to posts, recipes, craft projects, or detailing information on a certain topic of interest to parents.
  • Interesting or Thought Provoking: On topics that may be current news, opinion style pieces, things designed to make the reader think or feel strongly.
  • Heartfelt and Passionate: Fiery opinions, honest accounts of grief, “raw” stories with strong messages eg-“My PND experience”, “Dealing With Grief and Despair as a Mum” etc
  • Humorous: Funny, satirical, witty content does well.
  • Seasonal: Posts relating directly to seasonal events that match the above styles.
  • Giveaways are fine- but they need a really snappy intro to get people interested.
  • Articles you’ve written for other sites: These are fine to add as one of your posts in the schedule as long as they are on topic!


What doesn’t do well:

  • Personal story type posts eg things that you’d write to people who know you “Sally and I went to the shops and the park where we met up with Karen and little Sue…” Articles should address the reader as if you’ve never met. “My daughter and I went to the park and THIS AMAZING/TERRIBLE thing happened”- these do much better.
  • Round up style posts: People outside the blogging community don’t seem to interested in these even if you’ve compiled some awesome links.
  • Product reviews: for these to work, they need to be super well written and interesting with great photography.


Blog images are important! Eye-catching, attention-grabbing and part of what ultimately encourages someone to click through. Try to use clear, good quality images. Make sure your images are the right size for your theme and display correctly when your links are shared on Facebook. If they don’t, try running them through the facebook debugger tool.

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